CIS TOASTMASTER MEETING NO.1019 – 06 October 2015

CIS Toastmaster held its 1019th meeting on the evening of the 6th of October. The turn out was the best it has been at the new venue. Four speeches were delivered, a beautiful CC2 by Winston Beckford giving us the low down on the advantages of marriage. Lu Myeza delivered his CC3 which brought forth the incredible energy that only Lu seems to posses. After talking about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle most of us felt like hitting the gym the next morning. Colbert and Linda van Deventer delivered CC9 and Advanced Speeches respectively. Linda’s speech was a Roast of Christian Nyakanyanga.

The Toastmaster of the evening was Lee Roebeck whose stint was layered with quirky commentary topped with witty jokes.


Michael Silberman took the best Table Topics Speaker.


The best Evaluator went to Christine Kwok.


Linda van Deventer walked away with a well deserved Best Speaker of the Evening Trophy.


The next meeting will be on the 20th of October.

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We had our second meeting at our beautiful new venue. Linda van Deventer was the stand-in President once again proving her worth and living up to her motto ofIf serving is below you, leadership is beyond you”.

Two visitors in Vivek and Phillip joined in the proceedings with the latter taking on the role of time-keeper. Colbert, the prodigal son returned home to serve as the Toastmaster of the evening. Gladys gave the Toast to TMI.

Lu Myeza delivered his CC2 speech titled ‘The greed of man”. He took us through a geographical lesson and a voyage from Cape to Cairo. Lu’s speech was laden with facts and factoids alike and spoke with confidence and control well beyond a CC2 level. If Lu’s speech is anything to go by the future of CIS Toastmasters is in good hands.

Lu was followed by Mpumi Xaba who titled her speech Funny Business and in a businesslike fashion she went on to deliver line after line of amazing content. This was the epitome of how a CC4 speech should be put together. Line after line after line. Well done Mpumi on pulling this off. It was a captivating piece.

The ever smiling Christine Kwok closed off the show with her award winning speech titled ‘There are many fish(es) in the sea”. She took us into the deep blue sea and skillfully connected the struggles of finding a mate, the similarities between men and fish and the ups and downs of trying to catch that elusive species. It was a beautiful speech, so much so that when the green light came on indicating she was approaching the end there was a collective grumbling of the crowd. Absolutely mesmerizing speech. Now she marches on, or in her case, swims on to CC7.

After the prepared speakers Werner Redelinghuys facilitated Table Topics and invited Puleng, our visitors Phillip and Vivek, Billy, Winston and Warren to talk about anything from rugby to pop music. The visitors in particular did incredibly well.

Kazik ran the general evaluation session with aplomb as always.

Toastmaster of the evening: Colbert


Warren walked away with the best impromptu speaker award. He seems to be making a habit of this.


Christine was honoured with a well deserved best prepared speaker prize.


All in all it was a typical CIS evening full of laughter, banter and camaraderie that only CIS can provide. Our next meeting will be on the 6th of October and it sure promises to be a spectacle as all CIS meetings always are.

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Our Club President is a CHAMP!

Michael Silberman
for winning the

Show your support at the Division Contest on 17 September hosted by The Sages Toastmasters club at Marks Park.

AreaL3 michael

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CIS TOASTMASTERS MEETING NO 1017 – 8 September 2015

Celebrating our first meeting in our NEW home at WAVERLEY SPORTS CLUB was 21 members, guests and visitors.


In his opening message Michael Silberman, Club President, expressed his sincere gratitude towards Mandy Labuschagne and her team at Waverley Sports club for welcoming us to their venue. Several members commented on the lovely setting and made special mention of the very helpful gate guard who directed everybody to the right building. Helping us to make the move even easier was Craig Brandt’s father, Kenny – thank you for your assistance.

I love this remark made by Mandy “I believe in what you do and I want to support you”

Alan Rosenmeyer delivered a very inspirational message in his Toast to Toastmasters International “We are here to develop – you decide what your goals are and how fast you want to achieve them”

As Toastmaster, Alan continued with the theme of “new beginnings” as he explained that new beginnings can be approached with a positive attitude or a negative attitude. Change happens all the time and one should continue to move forward and we as a club should continue to grow the club and ensure that each member achieve their goals.

Congratulations to Ivy Skosana, Lu Myeza and Winston Beckford for presenting their ice breaker speeches. I love these words by Ivy – “I decided to join Toastmasters and conquer the world”

“What would you like to tell your younger self if you could go back 10 years?” This was the question Cyril Chessex had to face when called to take part in the table topics sessions. As the experienced and passionate Toastmaster he is, Cyril replied: ” Join Toastmasters now – don’t wait till you are 30 40 or 50! join while you are still in school!”

We were also honoured with a beautifully delivered speech by our Division Director Lazola Belle who made delivering a CC6 look “seemingly easy”


Billy Radebe, VPM, once again encouraged all that we should attempt to win the travelling gavel “George” from Oasis club. For more information on traveling gavels and to “raid” Oasis, please contact Billy for arrangements.

Our next meeting will be on 22 September. We are aware that the very important Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur begins at sundown on 22 September. For those that can attend our meeting, please do so.


Best Table Topics Speaker – Nomonde Booi (at her first ever Toastmasters meeting! well done!)


Best Evaluator – Billy Radebe


Best Speaker – Craig Brandt


Toastmaster – Alan Rosenmeyer



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We have moved!


Last night (25.08.15) was “the end” – the end of calling Old Eds Bowling Club our home. Notice the divine glow over one of our loooong standing members and club Treasurer, Kazik Blonski.




The winds of change has blown us into a new home! Our next club meeting will be at the Waverley Sports club.

The address is 126 Stirling street, corner Scott St, Waverley

poster - new home 1

Map Waverley Sports Club

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Humorous and Table Topics Speech Contest 25 August 2015

Last night saw over 30 people attending our club contest! It was an amazing evening.


Special thanks to our Contest Chair Njabulo Thela and Chief Judge Cathy Angus as well as their team of role players – the evening was a great success!


Congratulations to the winners!

Table Topics

First place – Alan Rosenmeyer                              Second Place – Kazik Blonski

20150825_204343 20150825_204301a

Prepared Speaking

First Place – Michael Silberman                       Second Place  – Kazik Blonski

20150825_204513a 20150825_204431a




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2015 World Champion of Public Speaking

Congratulations to the 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking

Mohammed Abdullah Qahtani, D79 – Saudi Arabia 

2nd Place: Aditya Maheswara, D49 – India
3rd Place: Manoj Vasudevan, D80 – Singapore

What’s so amazing and so inspiring is the new Champ was born mute and did not speak a single word until he turned 6.
2015 champs
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Colbert Nengovhela – Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy (CC10)

On the 16th of July 2013, I stood here to deliver my very first speech titled ‘Unlucky 13 and rediscovering the meaning of life’. As I walked towards the lectern, I could feel my palms becoming sweaty, knees getting weak and my arms heavy. My opening line was….

This has by far been the worst year of my life and hopefully, ever.

When my 6 minutes were up, I thanked the audience and walked back to my seat accompanied by a rousing applause. It felt good.

As I walked back to my seat I started thinking about the reasons I had decided to join toastmasters. I was truly having the worst year of my life and I needed an audience to share my pain. Writing about my pain felt like the only thing I could do at the time. My life was falling into pieces. I had no place to stay, no sense of direction; I watched as the life I had known for a decade went up in flames. I was completely lost. Life was finally having its way with me. My joy ride was over.

Coming to Toastmasters reinvigorated my life. It gave me a second chance; a renewed sense of purpose. Here I was surrounded by strangers who wanted me to succeed; Win or lose these people, these strangers were prepared to applaud and say well done for trying. Well done for having the courage to get up and speak.

Over the following two years I was to watch as the building blocks of my own life started to take shape. Like the phoenix, my new life arose from where my previous one had burnt to ashes.

I watched as my life started to magically transform. I suddenly had a spring in my step. Memories of the life I had lead started to fade into the distant horizon. As I delivered my second and third speeches, I could feel a new me emerging from within. I could feel my potential taking on a new form. I was asked to repeat my CC2 and my CC4. But this didn’t detract me from my goal, my goal was never to get to CC10, I had a bigger goal, that goal was to rebuild my life, one brick at a time, to rediscover the meaning of life, to regain a sense of purpose.

When I delivered my CC4, keeping up with the Kenyans, I had spent two months at home recovering from a double-knee surgery. In all that time I kept wondering if I was ever going to run. Through the power of imagination, I saw myself in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, running amongst the greatest marathon runners in the world. Little did I know that it was going take two more years, one more operation and endless rehabilitation before I could run again. Today when I run I think back to those days when I couldn’t move my legs and yet I couldn’t stop my mind from running. And whenever I was in doubt, I would go to Toastmasters and listen to inspirational stories from fellow toastmasters.

By the time my CC5 came along, my life was firmly back on track, I felt happy, I had rediscovered my inner child. I decided during that time that I was going to watch all the Superhero movies ever made. I needed to feed my inner child. Spider Man, Batman, Superman. I had so much energy I was bouncing off walls, I felt invincible like the protector of Gotham City. I felt like I could stop a moving train with my bare hands. I started to believe I could fly. Toastmasters was having its way with me and I was loving every moment.

I came here looking for an audience to listen to my story. It was never about learning how to speak to an audience. Little did I know when I signed up that by the time Ralph Smedley was done with me I would be able to walk tall with my head held high like it was hanging on pieces of string. I didn’t know that I was going to learn how to balance confidence with humility, compassion and restraint.

When I came here my life was falling to pieces. Through this journey I have learnt great lessons, I have formed amazing friendships, and have had the most inspired conversations. In the process I have grown in ways that I could never have imagined. Every journey begins with a single speech. Toastmasters saved my life. It gave me a renewed sense of purpose. It reminded me of the beauty of life. Through this programme, I learnt how to soar to new heights. Now I believe I can fly. So the year is 2015, and this has been by far the best year of my life. My palms are still sweaty, knees weak and arms heavy, but now I believe I can touch the sky.

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In Celebration of Women’s Month

The meeting was graced with a surprise visit from our omnipresent Division L Director, Lazolla Belle who gave an inspiring Toast to TMI. The President, Michael Silberman welcomed all the guests including the Club’s new member, Ivy, before Madam Toastmaster, Gladys Tlou took full control of the gavel. Four speeches were delivered, two CC7s, a CC10 and one advanced speech. Puleng Lephondo entertained as she held down the Table Topics Master Role. All her topics were about women in honour of the contributions these big-hearted loving beings continue to make. Rosina Malebatja was the evening’s grammarian and chose the word Feminist which ushered in the evening’s first prepared speech.

‘Moving South African women forward’, was a beautifully crafted speech delivered by Swazi Tinus who took us through the struggles of South African women from days gone by to today’s times. Like the women of 1956, Swazi marches on to CC8. This was followed by Lee Roebeck’s speech titled Moulin Rouge which celebrated the beauty of women in a somewhat different yet entertaining way. Lee had the audience in stitches as he took us through the street of Paris and the night life that it offers. Through his speech we were reminded that you are never too old to enjoy the finer things in life. Lee now looks forward to his CC8. Based on the sneak previews, his CC8 is sure to indeed be visually stimulating.

Colbert Nengovhela then followed with what was essentially a speech aimed at motivating those who wish to join Toastmasters as he took us through the journey he has traveled in his two years as a member of Toastmasters from delivering his first speech with sweaty palms, weak knees and heavy arms. Now like the Night’s Watch, his CC manual has ended. Linda closed off the prepared speeches session with a praise speech titled Mr. Toastmaster Southern Africa. She took us into the amazing life of Mr. Joe Garneson who by the sound of things must have been one dedicated Toastmaster and connoisseur of the English language. A point Linda drove home when she referred to his use of the words insert and extract members into the room during competitions. After the speech the District Director commented that he suddenly felt like he missed Joe. Given that he never met the man, this was testament to the picture painted by our fabulous Vice-President Education. Well done Linda and thank you for the education. Most of us never met Joe but if his dedication is anything close to Linda’s he must have been a truly special gift to the organization.


Best Table Topics Speaker: Rosina Malebatja


Best Evaluator: Cyril Chessex


Madam Toastmaster: Gladys Tlou


Best Prepared Speaker: Colbert Nengovhela

“When I came here my life was falling to pieces. Through this journey I have learnt great lessons, I have formed amazing friendships, and have had the most inspired conversations. In the process I have grown in ways that I could never have imagined. Every Toastmaster journey begins with a single speech. Toastmasters saved my life. It gave me a renewed sense of purpose. It reminded me of the beauty of life. I learnt how to soar to new heights. Now I believe I can fly. So the year is 2015, and this has been by far the best year of my life.”

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A message from Toastmasters CEO – Daniel Rex

Leadership and Integrity

Core values are a small set of timeless guiding principles that are essential to an organization. Toastmasters International’s values are: Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence. The entire Toastmasters program depends on the integrity of each member; that is why it is our first core value.

For example, 28,357 Competent Communicator certificates were awarded during the 2014–2015 program year. Does the organization know with certainty that these speeches were given? No. We believe the member gave the speech based on each club vice president education’s certification.

The vast majority of members hold fast to our values, but occasionally a few members will trade their integrity for something else. They are willing to not follow the rules due to peer pressure or an overpowering desire for recognition of an achievement.

Each of us has to make a decision at some point: Do I keep my integrity or allow it to breach and go in the other direction? Almost all the time we follow the right path, but occasionally we follow the wrong path.

If you witness something that’s not OK, you’re obligated to speak up. If you don’t do anything about it, then by default you approve of the bad behavior. A common mistake for new leaders is to not have the courage to stand up for their values. I urge everyone to not only maintain their personal integrity, but to realize as a leader that you’re responsible for supporting the integrity of everyone in the group and for calling out lapses.

Also, support people who make the right decisions, even when the consequences might be perceived as failure. It’s better to fail and maintain your integrity than to succeed and lose your integrity.

I invite you to think about situations in which you will exercise our four values. Where might you have a challenge in holding each one? By identifying these situations in advance, you can develop a strategy. Also, ask your fellow leaders to hold you accountable. If they see you struggling, they can support you to do the right thing.

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