We had our second meeting at our beautiful new venue. Linda van Deventer was the stand-in President once again proving her worth and living up to her motto ofIf serving is below you, leadership is beyond you”.

Two visitors in Vivek and Phillip joined in the proceedings with the latter taking on the role of time-keeper. Colbert, the prodigal son returned home to serve as the Toastmaster of the evening. Gladys gave the Toast to TMI.

Lu Myeza delivered his CC2 speech titled ‘The greed of man”. He took us through a geographical lesson and a voyage from Cape to Cairo. Lu’s speech was laden with facts and factoids alike and spoke with confidence and control well beyond a CC2 level. If Lu’s speech is anything to go by the future of CIS Toastmasters is in good hands.

Lu was followed by Mpumi Xaba who titled her speech Funny Business and in a businesslike fashion she went on to deliver line after line of amazing content. This was the epitome of how a CC4 speech should be put together. Line after line after line. Well done Mpumi on pulling this off. It was a captivating piece.

The ever smiling Christine Kwok closed off the show with her award winning speech titled ‘There are many fish(es) in the sea”. She took us into the deep blue sea and skillfully connected the struggles of finding a mate, the similarities between men and fish and the ups and downs of trying to catch that elusive species. It was a beautiful speech, so much so that when the green light came on indicating she was approaching the end there was a collective grumbling of the crowd. Absolutely mesmerizing speech. Now she marches on, or in her case, swims on to CC7.

After the prepared speakers Werner Redelinghuys facilitated Table Topics and invited Puleng, our visitors Phillip and Vivek, Billy, Winston and Warren to talk about anything from rugby to pop music. The visitors in particular did incredibly well.

Kazik ran the general evaluation session with aplomb as always.

Toastmaster of the evening: Colbert


Warren walked away with the best impromptu speaker award. He seems to be making a habit of this.


Christine was honoured with a well deserved best prepared speaker prize.


All in all it was a typical CIS evening full of laughter, banter and camaraderie that only CIS can provide. Our next meeting will be on the 6th of October and it sure promises to be a spectacle as all CIS meetings always are.

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