Travelling Gavels

There are several “travelling gavels” in South Africa, including “Sharky”, “Andrew”, “Mike” “Bulletjie” and “Van Hunks”. Each one is based in a geographic area.

The purpose of the travelling gavels is to get members of one club to attend a meeting of another club.

The club that holds George (Johannesburg’s travelling gavel) should advertise wildly that they have George. Any club that attends a meeting of that club with 4 or more members then takes George home. If there are 2 or more clubs visiting (raiding) then the club with the most members takes George home.

A club wants to raid George and take George home because at their next meeting they can attract members from other clubs to raid. It means that there are more people at your club’s meeting and you can give the raiding toastmasters any role to fulfil in the meeting.

This is very useful for struggling clubs to get more people at their meetings, to make meetings more fun.

To find out where George is, the club holding George should inform OAP as soon as they have successfully raided George. Therefor, OAP is the best place to find out where George is, but call the club listed in OAP to find out whether George is there.

Why do you want to raid George? To visit another club, find out how they do things, meet new Toastmasters and have a weapon to attract people to your club.

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