Distinguised Club Program

Together, club officers set attainable goals for club success and develop a plan to achieve them. Focusing your efforts on achieving in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) is one of the best ways to ensure your club reaches its goals for education, membership, training and administration. A club that performs well in the DCP provides a higher-quality club experience for all of its members. Each aspect of the DCP is designed to enhance the enjoyment and reinforce the supportive atmosphere for each member, every time the club meets.
The DCP is an annual program, running from 1 July to 30 June. The program consists of 10 goals your club should strive to achieve during this time. World Head Quarters tracks the progress of your club toward these goals throughout the year, sending quarterly progress reminders to club presidents. At year-end, World Headquarters calculates the number of goals the club met and recognizes those who earned Distinguished Club, Select Distinguished Club, and President’s Distinguished Club recognition, based on the number of goals achieved and the number of members it has.

To be eligible for recognition, your club must either have 20 members or a net growth of at least five new members as of 30 June. Only members in good standing are eligible to earn education awards. A member in good standing is one whose dues have been paid by the club and received by World Head Quarters by 31 May for the April-September period and by 30 November for the October-March period.

Achievement Recognition Earned
Achieve five of 10 goals Distinguished Club
Achieve seven of 10 goals Select Distinguished Club
Achieve nine of 10 goals President’s Distinguished Club
CIS Toastmasters has achieved Select Distinguished Club for 2013/2014