How it works

Here’s how the Club Emissary Program works:

Step 1:  Find a Club that you’d like to visit that fits your schedule.  The Club cannot be one that you are a member of.

<  Make use of the District 74 Club directory on to find Clubs near you.

< You may be motivated by a need to complete a speech, an educational or leadership goal, practice for an upcoming contest, just out of simple curiosity or in your quest to support the Club Emissary Program.

< You can visit on your own, with members of your Club or ask a non-Toastmaster to attend with you.

< Contact the Club to verify meeting date/time/location and to confirm your attendance.  Ask to be placed on the Agenda if you’d like to speak/can perform a meeting role.  Filling a speaking or meeting role is advisable, although not compulsory.

< The success of the Club Emissary Program relies on you keeping your commitment.  If you have made the commitment to attend a Club meeting, don’t cancel on short notice.

Step 2:  Download the Club Emissary Visit Form from and use as a guideline to take notes during your visit. You have the opportunity to earn up to 10 Club Emissary points per visit:

< Bring a non-Toastmaster guest (2 points)

< Manual speech or Eduslot delivered (2 points)

< Perform a meeting role (1 point)

< List 3 unique things about visited Club (2 points)

< List 2 suggestions for visited Club to improve on (2 points)

< Note your favourite phrase/thought heard at the meeting (1 point)

Step 3:  Visit the Club.  Observe, participate and take notes, as you will need the information when submitting your Club Emissary Visit Form online (refer to Step 4).

< The Club Emissary Program is flexible enough to allow you to do what feels most comfortable to you.

Step 4: After your Club visit, visit Click on the “For Members” tab and then select the “Club Fitness Reward” option. Complete your Club Emissary Visit Form online and submit electronically. Should you not have internet access, ask one of your Club Officers or a fellow member, to submit on your behalf or alternatively ask them to contact Club Emissary Program Co-ordinator, Annien Smith, on emissaries@toastmasters74.organd an alternative arrangement will be made.

Step 5: As soon as three (3) completed forms are received, you will be noted as a Club Emissary and your Club President, Area Governor and Division Governor will be informed.   

< A special Club Emissary Pin will be presented to all first-time Club Emissaries.  

< NEW A monthly summary of all Club Emissaries and the number of Clubs visited to date (as from 1 July 2014) will be published in the District 74 “On a Point” e-newsletter.

Help us make the circle bigger, by promoting the Club Emissary Program amongst your own Club members and by sharing your visit experiences on social media – including posting to the District 74 FaceBook group:  “Southern African Toastmasters”