Club Emissary Program

The District 74 Club Emissary Program is a dynamic program that offers benefits for all those involved – the Emissaries who visit Clubs and the Clubs that are visited.  Many of our members are already actively visiting Clubs, so why not get credit for it and help our District at the same time?

What is a Club Emissary?  The title District 74 Club Emissary is given to Toastmasters who attends a minimum of three Club meetings (to different clubs), other than where he/she is a member and submits feedback on the visits.  The program is part of the District 74 Club Fitness Awards Program.

Already a Club Emissary?  Even though you may have qualified as a Club Emissary during 2013/2014, we encourage you to continue with your visits.

Program period:   1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015*

Visit any Toastmasters Club around the world.  To count towards the Club Emissary Program:

<  The Club cannot be one that you are a member of.

<  NEW Visits to un-chartered Clubs will count as a visit, as long as such Club has already been issued with a Club number.

<  Area, Division and District Contests will not count as visits.

<  Only completed forms with visit dates on or after 1 July 2014 (“start date”) and up to 30 June 2015 (“end date”) will qualify.  Only forms, electronically submitted by 30 June 2015 (“end date”), will count towards a Club Emissary visit and Club Emissary point totals.

<  NEW However a once-off allowance* will be made to those members who fell short of achieving their required three (3) visits during the previous term and have already submitted one or two visits pre 1 July 2014. Such visits will be manually carried over by the Program Co-ordinator to the 2014/2015 program.

<  NEW Area**/Division*** Governors are allowed to participate, but will have to visit Clubs outside of their Area**/Division*** respectively.

As soon as three (3) completed visit forms, to three (3) different Clubs are received, you will be noted as a District 74 Club Emissary. 

We encourage you to visit as many Clubs as your schedule allows:

<  Continue submitting your Club Emissary Visit Forms electronically, even after you have reached the minimum requirement of three (3) visits to different Clubs.

<  Credit will be awarded for multiple visits to the same Club, once you have completed the minimum requirement of three (3) visits to different Clubs.