CIS TOASTMASTERS MEETING NO 1017 – 8 September 2015

Celebrating our first meeting in our NEW home at WAVERLEY SPORTS CLUB was 21 members, guests and visitors.


In his opening message Michael Silberman, Club President, expressed his sincere gratitude towards Mandy Labuschagne and her team at Waverley Sports club for welcoming us to their venue. Several members commented on the lovely setting and made special mention of the very helpful gate guard who directed everybody to the right building. Helping us to make the move even easier was Craig Brandt’s father, Kenny – thank you for your assistance.

I love this remark made by Mandy “I believe in what you do and I want to support you”

Alan Rosenmeyer delivered a very inspirational message in his Toast to Toastmasters International “We are here to develop – you decide what your goals are and how fast you want to achieve them”

As Toastmaster, Alan continued with the theme of “new beginnings” as he explained that new beginnings can be approached with a positive attitude or a negative attitude. Change happens all the time and one should continue to move forward and we as a club should continue to grow the club and ensure that each member achieve their goals.

Congratulations to Ivy Skosana, Lu Myeza and Winston Beckford for presenting their ice breaker speeches. I love these words by Ivy – “I decided to join Toastmasters and conquer the world”

“What would you like to tell your younger self if you could go back 10 years?” This was the question Cyril Chessex had to face when called to take part in the table topics sessions. As the experienced and passionate Toastmaster he is, Cyril replied: ” Join Toastmasters now – don’t wait till you are 30 40 or 50! join while you are still in school!”

We were also honoured with a beautifully delivered speech by our Division Director Lazola Belle who made delivering a CC6 look “seemingly easy”


Billy Radebe, VPM, once again encouraged all that we should attempt to win the travelling gavel “George” from Oasis club. For more information on traveling gavels and to “raid” Oasis, please contact Billy for arrangements.

Our next meeting will be on 22 September. We are aware that the very important Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur begins at sundown on 22 September. For those that can attend our meeting, please do so.


Best Table Topics Speaker – Nomonde Booi (at her first ever Toastmasters meeting! well done!)


Best Evaluator – Billy Radebe


Best Speaker – Craig Brandt


Toastmaster – Alan Rosenmeyer



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