In Celebration of Women’s Month

The meeting was graced with a surprise visit from our omnipresent Division L Director, Lazolla Belle who gave an inspiring Toast to TMI. The President, Michael Silberman welcomed all the guests including the Club’s new member, Ivy, before Madam Toastmaster, Gladys Tlou took full control of the gavel. Four speeches were delivered, two CC7s, a CC10 and one advanced speech. Puleng Lephondo entertained as she held down the Table Topics Master Role. All her topics were about women in honour of the contributions these big-hearted loving beings continue to make. Rosina Malebatja was the evening’s grammarian and chose the word Feminist which ushered in the evening’s first prepared speech.

‘Moving South African women forward’, was a beautifully crafted speech delivered by Swazi Tinus who took us through the struggles of South African women from days gone by to today’s times. Like the women of 1956, Swazi marches on to CC8. This was followed by Lee Roebeck’s speech titled Moulin Rouge which celebrated the beauty of women in a somewhat different yet entertaining way. Lee had the audience in stitches as he took us through the street of Paris and the night life that it offers. Through his speech we were reminded that you are never too old to enjoy the finer things in life. Lee now looks forward to his CC8. Based on the sneak previews, his CC8 is sure to indeed be visually stimulating.

Colbert Nengovhela then followed with what was essentially a speech aimed at motivating those who wish to join Toastmasters as he took us through the journey he has traveled in his two years as a member of Toastmasters from delivering his first speech with sweaty palms, weak knees and heavy arms. Now like the Night’s Watch, his CC manual has ended. Linda closed off the prepared speeches session with a praise speech titled Mr. Toastmaster Southern Africa. She took us into the amazing life of Mr. Joe Garneson who by the sound of things must have been one dedicated Toastmaster and connoisseur of the English language. A point Linda drove home when she referred to his use of the words insert and extract members into the room during competitions. After the speech the District Director commented that he suddenly felt like he missed Joe. Given that he never met the man, this was testament to the picture painted by our fabulous Vice-President Education. Well done Linda and thank you for the education. Most of us never met Joe but if his dedication is anything close to Linda’s he must have been a truly special gift to the organization.


Best Table Topics Speaker: Rosina Malebatja


Best Evaluator: Cyril Chessex


Madam Toastmaster: Gladys Tlou


Best Prepared Speaker: Colbert Nengovhela

“When I came here my life was falling to pieces. Through this journey I have learnt great lessons, I have formed amazing friendships, and have had the most inspired conversations. In the process I have grown in ways that I could never have imagined. Every Toastmaster journey begins with a single speech. Toastmasters saved my life. It gave me a renewed sense of purpose. It reminded me of the beauty of life. I learnt how to soar to new heights. Now I believe I can fly. So the year is 2015, and this has been by far the best year of my life.”

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