The Winning Speech

This speech was presented by Gladys Tlou (CC3) 

What will it take to solve all the world’s problems?

What a question? If I was speaking from a position of authority or if I was the person to whom the whole world looked for answers to their problems, wouldn’t you be happy to hear me ask that, knowing that I have the answer to this pertinent question?

What is causing all the world’s problems anyway? Is it one thing? Is it two? Is it a multitude of things?
Does the solution lie in one thing, in two, or numerous?
Can this solution be implemented and or enforced? As we all know, all problems have got solutions but having a solution to a problem is one thing but enforcing the answer is another. A protection order does not stop an abusive spouse from violating another. It is a piece of paper that does not physically stop an abusive husband or wife from attacking their spouse. By the time the abused spouse takes it to the police station to lay a charge they will be all bruises.

When I prepared this speech sometime last year, I had no idea that I would deliver it at a time like this. Ever since I wrote this speech, there have been many deaths and tragedies all around the world. I have never heard of or read about so many deaths or tragedies in a period of two months. It is sad to note that most of these tragedies are caused by none other than man himself.

…but, if we truly loved one another, we would have none of these problems that we are facing in the world today, problems at work, problems in schools, problems on the roads, problems everywhere we go. Problems with spouses, problems with our children, problems with one another, problems with workmates, even with strangers.

If we treated one another exactly as we would like to be treated by them, we would have none of these problems.

As humans, our lives begin when two people tell each other that they love each other, whether they mean it or not it’s something else.

If we loved one another we would not steal, we would not murder, we would not practice tribalism, we would not be jealous of each other, we would not take money meant for orphans and put it to our own use, we would not practice favouritism.

When we speak about love, we need not quote religious books because love is not about religion. Love is needed everywhere. It is a societal need, it is an element that is necessary, encouraged and cherished in every society.

What we need is unconditional love, love that transcends boundaries, love that does not have’ ifs’ and ‘buts’ and ‘when’. For example, I will love you ‘if’ you do this for me…I will love you ‘but’ you must first do…I will love you ‘when’ you …. We must take care of our family members who are in need, we must give each other way on the road, we must take care of the sick, we must stop being unconcerned bystanders.

The prisons that have been built around the world and the pieces of legislation that have been passed around the world are in existence to punish those who have behaved in a manner that is contrary to love. If we loved one another we would not go onto Google and see what reads, ‘The world’s most dangerous prisons’

Finally ladies and gentlemen, love is kind, love is patient, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love is not self seeking, it does not keep a record of wrongs, it is not easily angered. Love perseveres and above all love never fails.