1000th Club Meeting

The Invitation

1000th 13 Jan 2015


Members, visitors and guests came from far and wide to celebrate this milestone – 62 in total! Amongst the visitors were Sandra Cooper, Lieutenant Governor Marketing and JP Gernaat, District Public Relations Officer. Jessica presented Eloquent Toastmasters Club, in Malawi.

Opening Message by Club President – Tebogo Leshabane 

A few day’s ago I was browsing through Youtube to find a little inspiration to kick start the New Year. I stumbled on The Stanford commencement speech by Steve Jobs, which I had seen before but it really struck a chord this time round and resonated with me. He ended the speech with the statement, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” Which seemed a little bit bizarre and stupid back then. But I finally caught a glimpse of the profound genius in this statement. Which looks deeply at the psychology of success. On the surface this statement seemed ridiculous but if you looked deeper these words were pearls of Wisdom. If we rewind back to our lives we will see that we had a strong desire and hunger to live. We also had a vibrant curiosity to learn, but somewhere along the road of growing up, we lost that fire. The statement, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” encourages us to live with that same childlike hunger and curiosity and to never lose that fire in our belly. To never be comfortable and to strive for the stars. It pays homage to the words of Ghandi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever.

The Toast to TI – Linda van Deventer

In celebrating our 1000th club meeting, join me as we embark on a nostalgic journey. Mike Levinrad, one of the founding members and the 6th club president, shared with me, his memories, in a beautiful letter. Mike openend his letter with this question: “I am interested to know whether or not the club still has the “pass/repeat”system, whereby evaluators determine whether or not the speaker has met the requirements of the project.” Billy, Pabi – this is why we repeat speeches…it is a longstanding tradition! About the history, mike writes that it was custom for the johannesburg branch of the The Chartered Institute of Secretaries, to have regular monthly functions. Early in 1973, one of these functions was an invitation to attend a meeting of the pelindaba toastmasters club; right here at old eds! As a result, a decision was made to create their own club and the first meeting was held in february 1973. The club soon reached 20 members and the charter meeting took place within the same year.  Mike adds that a great deal of credit for the formation of the club must go to the late Joe Garmeson. This club was originally open to members of the chartered institute of secrataries only and was a men only club. That is until toastmasters international openend their doors to women. Mike immigrated to the states in 1985, and resides in district 1, in California. He expresses his regret at not being able to attend tonight’s meeting and conveys his best wishes to this club. I would like to make special mention of another founding member, who is able to attend tonight. Mr Rob Douglas. Rob, on behalf of the committee and all the members, thank you for your continued support and guidance. It’s an honor to celebrate this evening with you.

42 years and 1000 meetings later, CIS Toastmasters continues to develop inspiring speakers and leaders of excellence. May this club continue to do so for at least another 1000 meetings.

Message from Lieutenant Governor Education & Training – Paul Jensen Congratulations to the members of CIS Toastmasters on conducting your 1000th meeting. Since chartering in August 1973, CIS Toastmasters has had a proud history of success as a club and in the last ten years alone, achieved Distinguished Club status or better. Your club has also made substantial contributions to the success of our district most recently when Rob Douglas, DTM, lead our district to achieve Distinguished District status in June 2011. This achievement by Rob and his team started the recent trend of success for our district of being distinguished four years in a row for the first time in our history with successive District Governors building on this successful foundation. It goes without saying that you are well on your way to taking CIS Toastmasters to Distinguished Club status again this year as you are one of less than 10% of clubs in our district that have already achieved 5 goals. I look forward to your further success in future years. 

Prepared Speeches

With Kazik Blonski as our Toastmaster, we were entertained with two wonderful prepared speeches. Gladys Tlou (CC3) and Seanaphoka Tsapi (CC5) completed their assignments successfully. Gladys was awarded best speaker of the evening and Andy van Wyk the winning evaluator.

The guest speaker

Professional speaker, Justin Cohen , delivered an inspiring presentation entitled “What’s your story”

For more information on Justin, visit his website http://www.justinpresents.com/

Message from Justin Cohen:

“It’s an honour to be here today celebrating your 1000th meeting. The first time I spoke at toastmasters, I was eleven. My parents took me to a group at the City Hall in Johannesburg. I was encouraged to do an improvised speech. A few lines in, nervousness got the better of me, I lost my way and stumbled to a grinding halt. The most embarrassing moment of my young life, it would have been were it not for the warm support and encouragementthat met my silence. It was suggested that I sit down, listen to some more speeches and stage a comeback at the end which is exactly what I did. It went a lot better. So much so that I was inspired to pursue public speaking, whichtoday is my full time career. So toastmasters, I guess I owe you a belated thank you…”