First Next Meeting of CIS Toastmasters Club on Tuesday 24th January.

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Well, no need to fear spiders, abandonment, public speaking or even public speaking about spider abandonment!

All those fears will melt away when you join Toastmasters!

The first meeting of CIS Toastmasters Club for 2017 will take place on Tuesday 24th January at Waverley Sports Club, 126 Stirling Avenue, Waverley, at 18h45 for 19h00.

So come and see and experience what you can achieve this year.


Hope to see you there!

Puleng 083 209 1894

Kazik 083 391 2450




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Public Speaking – No need to fear.


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We may laugh at jokes like those created by Doug Savage.  But public speaking, or more precisely, fear of public speaking, is a very serious matter.  The first time we stand up to speak we may indeed feel like we want to pass out.  Passing out would eliminate the “sense of impending doom” and save us from acute embarrassment.

But if we can begin to speak in a friendly environment, where the audience have been through what we are now going through, then it will not be so painful.

Toastmasters meeting provides a safe environment for anyone, no matter how shy and inexperienced, to start their public speaking journey.  You will soon discover that every Toastmaster wants you to succeed.  You will get friendly and supportive evaluations, that will help you overcome your fears and encourage you to speak better and better.

So take the first step to success.

Out next meeting is on Tuesday, 29th November 2016, at Waverley Sports Club, 126 Stirling Avenue, Waverley.  Just off the Atholl – Oaklands Rd off ramp.

If you need more information please phone Puleng Lephondo on 083 209 1894.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

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At our last club meeting on Tuesday 1st November 2016 Avigail Sacks has delivered her Competent Communication level 4 speech ( CC4 – How to Say It).

The objective of the speech was, firstly, to select the right words and sentence structure to communicate ideas clearly, accurately and vividly. Secondly, to use rhetorical devices (figures of speech) to enhance and emphasize ideas.  And thirdly, to eliminate jargon and use correct grammar.

Avigail gave us permission to post her speech on our website.


Life is like a Symphony


The composer lifts his arm high, the audience is silent and the orchestra waits patiently.  He brings his hand back almost to touch his heart. As soon as both hands come out a gentle tune begins to play so gracefully and so pure, I close my eyes.   As I open my eyes and see the orchestra again, every musician is in synch with the other. They have a limited time to impress the audience and in that time they are creating something magical.

Mr Toastmaster Ladies and Gentlemen

My mind drifts off to when I was a little girl sitting in my piano lesson. I attempt to copy the scale my teacher has just played. It’s not that she managed to play eight notes one after the other that intimidated me. The challenge was to play each note with the exact same timing between each note.

It was the ability to sit straight as if my spine was hit by a bolt of lightning. But it was also the skill to keep my hand elegantly rounded on the keys as if I was holding an apple. Those eight keys craved discipline and courage, elegance and grace. And when they were played in perfect timing, it was a masterpiece.

Music taught me skills that I realised not everyone had. When I watch X Factor with my husband and someone is singing, he always asks me, “So, are they any good? “Did they hold the note?” I also learnt that my music could soothe people. When I was ten years old, I would play a soft tune for my baby sister and she would fall asleep or I would play for two different disabled girls who couldn’t speak or walk, both of whom are no longer alive.

As I grew older I realised something I would call magnificent. I realised that each musician is bound to the timing of the music, and contrary to the belief of many people, something that was bound by time could actually produce something beautiful.  How many of us have either heard or believe in phrases like, “why do tomorrow’s work today? Do not become a slave to time.” A lot of people dread the constraints of time and their watch feels like a handcuff on their wrist.

In my discovery of the concept of time, I realised one thing to be indisputable.

Every song has a beginning and an end. Every person’s day has a beginning and an end. And our lives have a beginning and an end. The song does not carry on forever. What each musician decides to do from the beginning of the song until the end is up to them. They might decide to play with passion and focus or they might take this as a joke and fool around or not play at all.

Time is not the villain that many depict it to be. Imagine if we could finish our degrees within however many years we wished, how many of us would actually finish? Or imagine I said to my child he could watch on the iPad for as long as he wished, would he ever stop and would it be good for him?

Music made me realise that if I do not do what I have to do in a specific moment in my life, not only is that moment gone, but I have let down myself and perhaps the whole orchestra. How is our timing? Are we playing the right keys at the right time? Are we playing the wrong keys and the wrong time? Not only are we responsible for our own lives, we are part of a bigger picture, the picture the orchestra is attempting to play.

Do you know what’s worse than being an ordinary man? Being a musician who doesn’t play. We are all musicians in the symphony of our lives. We were all born with talent, with intrinsic goodness and purpose. There is nothing worse than hearing silence when a musician is meant to play.

Yes we all have challenges and we fall along the way. It takes time to find what makes us unique. No one became great by sitting comfortably in the first row of the concert. Use those challenging times to show your commitment to yourself and those around you. Be versatile, step out of that predictive box that others might have placed you in. How many of us walk around with that voice in our head saying, “You missed it! You failed!”

But our life is not over until it is over and until that time we have enough time to fight, to stand out and to be good at it!

This confusing and intricate world is not waiting for cowards! It is waiting for you, you know why? Because there is no duplicate of you. You are the only you. And only you can do what you are meant to do in this world.

Being bound by time is inevitable and producing something positive in that time is definitely possible.  I could not have asked to be taught a greater lesson in my youth. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to recognise the moments in your life when it is your time to shine and giving it your all. Yes, it can be hard and intimidating, but it’s a moment of growth and possibility.  Sometimes we can hear that tick, tick, tick in our ears or have that light blinding our eyes, but just know that it is possible to discover ourselves and create a beautiful life in a world that is bound by time, just like the orchestra does.

Without self- belief we cannot achieve anything and without awe for the world in which we live in, we live a life of missed opportunity.

For those who embrace time rather than dread it, life is like a symphony.


What a beautiful speech.  Thank you, Avigail.


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A very special meeting at CIS Toastmasters this Tuesday.

quote 7


If a single sentence, spoken at the right time, could change someone’s life forever, what about a 7 minute speech?

And what about TWO speeches by two top winners of Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest for the whole of Southern Africa?

You have a chance to find out!

On Tuesday 1st November the First place winner – Ntsundeni Ndou – and Third place winner – Kazik Blonski -  will be speaking at CIS Club at 6:30 for 7:00pm.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

All are welcome!


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TWO Humorous Speech Competition Winners at One Toastmasters Meeting!

At the next CIS Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday 1st November 2016 two finalists of recently held Toastmasters International District 74 Humorous Speech Contest will be speaking:

-  First Place winner  Ntsundeni Ndou,  and

- Third Place winner  Kazik Blonski.

It promises to be a fun and laughter meeting, well worth attending.

District 74 comprises countries in Southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and our own South Africa.

Guests and visitors are most welcome!



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CIS Toastmasters Club Produces Winners!

The top 3 winners of Toastmasters District 74 (Southern Africa) Humorous Speech Contest held on 15th October 2016 in Drakensberg.

Kazik Blonski from CIS Toastmasters Club is first on the left.



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Humorous & Table Topics Speech Competitions – Area L3

Attention!  Attention!

Area L3 is holding 2 competitions on Tuesday 11th October:  Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest.

CIS Toastmasters Club as part of Area L3 will be there.

The venue is TWP Melrose Arch, 54 Melrose Boulevard, Melrose Arch.

Time – 6:30 for 7:00pm.  It will be hosted by Melrose Arch Toastmasters.

It will be an evening of FUN and LAUGHTER.

So join us on Tuesday!






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Humorous and Table Topics Competitions on 6th September 2016

On Tuesday 6th September CIS Toastmasters Club held their annual Humorous and Table Topics competitions.  The two winners were Kazik Blonski (1st) and Craig Sacks (2nd).

Craig (L) and Kazik (R) are on the photo below, with our fabulous Contest Chair Zahndri Prinsloo.


Here is 2nd place winner Craig Sacks


Here is 1st place winner Kazik Blonski


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Humorous & Table Topics Contests

Humorous Contest

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Club Meeting 12th July 2016

Sergeant-at-Arms for the evening, Alon Davidow, called the meeting to order.

Our Sergeant at Arms for the Evening, Alon Davidow Opening the Meeting

Our Sergeant at Arms for the Evening, Alon Davidow Opening the Meeting.

Our President Michael Silberman welcomed guests, visitors and members.  VPM for the evening, Puleng Lephondo, introduced the Guests.

Our VPE Linda van Deventer announced changes to the agenda.

Puleng Lephondo delivered the Toast to Toastmasters International.

Craig Sacks as the Grammarian / Wordmaster introduced the Word of the Evening – Lucid – meaning easily and clearly understandable.

Rob Duglas then explained his role as the Uhm Counter.

Alon Davidow, as the Toastmaster, explained the purpose of the CC manual and introduced the speakers.  Eva van Ginderdeuren was the Time Keeper.

Adrienne Croeser spoke at CC2 level with the title of her speech “All you need is Yoga”. She emphasized the importance of breath – mind combination as well as the relaxation and mindfulness.

Avigail Sacks spoke at CC3 level on “The life changing habits of tidying up”.  She referred to the book by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo and the basic rules she laid out on how to declutter one’s home.

Sibusiso Xaba, also at CC3 level, spoke on “Such is the power of sports”.  From Rugby World Cup of 1995 to top business executives, Sibusiso described how sport plays important role in our personal and business lives.  He then added events from his own life and that of his family to expand on that.

Nomonde Booi spoke at CC4 level on “Words are prison of the mind, use them wisely”.  She stressed that we put limitations on our mind by our words.  We must never allow our words to imprison us, that’s why we must choose them and use them wisely.

Ernst Dill run the Table Topics session.

Julian Blonski run the Evaluation session and introduced the evaluators.

Puleng Lephondo evaluated Adrienne Croeser’s speech.  Adrienne fulfilled requirements of her speech and we are looking forward to her CC3 speech.

Michael Silberman evaluated Avigail Sacks’ speech.  Avigail fulfilled the requirements and we are looking forward to he CC4 speech.

Kazik Blonski evaluated Sibusiso Xaba’s speech.  Sibusiso fulfilled the requirements and we are looking forward to his CC4 assignment.

Julian Blonski evaluated Nomonde Booi’s speech.  Nomonde fulfilled the requirements and we are looking forward to her CC5 speech.

Craig Sacks delivered Grammarian / Wordmaster’s report.  Rob Douglas delivered a very detailed Uhm Counter’s report.

Tebogo Ramaahlo was the General Evaluator.

Michael Silberman, in his last role as CIS President then presented the trophies.  Alon Davidow was the Toastmaster of the Evening.  Kazik Blonski was the best evaluator.  Sibusiso Xaba was the best speaker.

Alon Davidow then yielded control to the Installation Officer, Area Director Christian Nyakanyanga.  Christian thanked the 2015/2016 Committee for their hard work and then inducted the 2016/2017 committee.

Our New Club President, Linda Van Deventer, Giving her opening address

Our New Club President, Linda Van Deventer, giving her opening address

CIS new President, Linda van Deventer, then addressed to the club.

After an On the Point session Linda van Deventer adjourned the meeting.

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