Humorous & Table Topics Speech Competitions – Area L3

Attention!  Attention!

Area L3 is holding 2 competitions on Tuesday 11th October:  Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest.

CIS Toastmasters Club as part of Area L3 will be there.

The venue is TWP Melrose Arch, 54 Melrose Boulevard, Melrose Arch.

Time – 6:30 for 7:00pm.  It will be hosted by Melrose Arch Toastmasters.

It will be an evening of FUN and LAUGHTER.

So join us on Tuesday!






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Humorous and Table Topics Competitions on 6th September 2016

On Tuesday 6th September CIS Toastmasters Club held their annual Humorous and Table Topics competitions.  The two winners were Kazik Blonski (1st) and Craig Sacks (2nd).

Craig (L) and Kazik (R) are on the photo below, with our fabulous Contest Chair Zahndri Prinsloo.


Here is 2nd place winner Craig Sacks


Here is 1st place winner Kazik Blonski


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Humorous & Table Topics Contests

Humorous Contest

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Club Meeting 12th July 2016

Sergeant-at-Arms for the evening, Alon Davidow, called the meeting to order.

Our Sergeant at Arms for the Evening, Alon Davidow Opening the Meeting

Our Sergeant at Arms for the Evening, Alon Davidow Opening the Meeting.

Our President Michael Silberman welcomed guests, visitors and members.  VPM for the evening, Puleng Lephondo, introduced the Guests.

Our VPE Linda van Deventer announced changes to the agenda.

Puleng Lephondo delivered the Toast to Toastmasters International.

Craig Sacks as the Grammarian / Wordmaster introduced the Word of the Evening – Lucid – meaning easily and clearly understandable.

Rob Duglas then explained his role as the Uhm Counter.

Alon Davidow, as the Toastmaster, explained the purpose of the CC manual and introduced the speakers.  Eva van Ginderdeuren was the Time Keeper.

Adrienne Croeser spoke at CC2 level with the title of her speech “All you need is Yoga”. She emphasized the importance of breath – mind combination as well as the relaxation and mindfulness.

Avigail Sacks spoke at CC3 level on “The life changing habits of tidying up”.  She referred to the book by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo and the basic rules she laid out on how to declutter one’s home.

Sibusiso Xaba, also at CC3 level, spoke on “Such is the power of sports”.  From Rugby World Cup of 1995 to top business executives, Sibusiso described how sport plays important role in our personal and business lives.  He then added events from his own life and that of his family to expand on that.

Nomonde Booi spoke at CC4 level on “Words are prison of the mind, use them wisely”.  She stressed that we put limitations on our mind by our words.  We must never allow our words to imprison us, that’s why we must choose them and use them wisely.

Ernst Dill run the Table Topics session.

Julian Blonski run the Evaluation session and introduced the evaluators.

Puleng Lephondo evaluated Adrienne Croeser’s speech.  Adrienne fulfilled requirements of her speech and we are looking forward to her CC3 speech.

Michael Silberman evaluated Avigail Sacks’ speech.  Avigail fulfilled the requirements and we are looking forward to he CC4 speech.

Kazik Blonski evaluated Sibusiso Xaba’s speech.  Sibusiso fulfilled the requirements and we are looking forward to his CC4 assignment.

Julian Blonski evaluated Nomonde Booi’s speech.  Nomonde fulfilled the requirements and we are looking forward to her CC5 speech.

Craig Sacks delivered Grammarian / Wordmaster’s report.  Rob Douglas delivered a very detailed Uhm Counter’s report.

Tebogo Ramaahlo was the General Evaluator.

Michael Silberman, in his last role as CIS President then presented the trophies.  Alon Davidow was the Toastmaster of the Evening.  Kazik Blonski was the best evaluator.  Sibusiso Xaba was the best speaker.

Alon Davidow then yielded control to the Installation Officer, Area Director Christian Nyakanyanga.  Christian thanked the 2015/2016 Committee for their hard work and then inducted the 2016/2017 committee.

Our New Club President, Linda Van Deventer, Giving her opening address

Our New Club President, Linda Van Deventer, giving her opening address

CIS new President, Linda van Deventer, then addressed to the club.

After an On the Point session Linda van Deventer adjourned the meeting.

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CIS Toastmasters Meeting Number 1036 on 28 June 2016

Sergeant-at-Arms for the evening, Alon Davidow, called the meeting to order and handed over to our President, Michael Silberman.

Michael Silberman welcomed visitors, guests and members to the meeting.  Our VPM for the evening Puleng Lephondo then introduced guests and visitors.

Our VPE, Linda van Deventer, announced changes to the agenda.

Linda van Deventer did the Toast to Toastmasters International.

Michael Silberman as the Grammarian/Wordmaster introduced the Word of the Evening – Fictitious.  Meaning “not real or true, being imaginary or having been fabricated”.

Linda van Deventer took control of the meeting as the Toastmaster.  She explained the Toastmasters programme of 10 CC assignments.  The timekeeper was Adrienne Croeser.

The first speaker was Avigail Sacks at CC3 level, with the title of her speech “The life changing magic of tidying up”.  She talked about not getting too attached to our possessions.  If you have a book, she said, hold it in your hands.  If it brings excitement and great memories, then keep it.  If not, then give it away.

The second speaker was Ernst Dill, also at CC3 level, with the title “The magic of us”. The speech was about what happens when a humble pencil gets produced.  That requires co-operative effort from thousands of people, all working harmoniously towards a common goal.  Indeed “magic” happens when the pencil gets made.

Craig Sacks was the third speaker, at CC5 level, with the title “Bend it like Beckham”.  Although a soccer based speech, it had a deep message on how to handle stress in our lives.

Alon Davidow then spoke at CC7 level on “Is your health care good for your health?”.  Alon’s message was that a leading cause of death is the conventional medicine, on which we rely so much.  That message came from research findings by medical practitioners.  Health is not an just an absence of a disease, it is the total physical and mental wellbeing.

Our guest speaker, Michael Coyle, then delivered a speech titled “Finish what you start!”.  So often we start something and never finish it.  He gave examples from his own life of things he started enthusiastically, only to never see it come to fruition.  That’s why he was determined to complete all the requirements and become a DTM.  He started this project and very recently he became a proud DTM!  “I finished what I started”, Michael concluded.  An inspirational speech.

Sibusiso Xaba then run a Table Topics session.

Dumiso Tswane spoke on “I’ve been a naughty boy – Fire me!”.

Cuan Watson spoke on “This was a jool, now I am broke!”.

Nomonde Booi spoke about “It’s crazy, let’s do it!”.

Adrienne Croeser spoke about “Oh shucks, I should have voted!” in reference to a recent Brexit vote in UK.

Puleng Lephondo run the evaluation session.  Michael Coyle was the evaluator of Avigail’s speech.  He commended Avigail for a well delivered speech that had great value.

Puleng Lephondo was the evaluator of Ernst Dill’s speech.  Ernst successfully completed his assignment and we are looking forward to his CC4.

Kazik Blonski evaluated the speech of Craig Sacks.  Craig fulfilled the requirements of his assignment and we are looking forward to his CC6.

Michael Silberman was the evaluator of Alon Davidow’s speech.  Alon was successful in his assignment and we are looking forward to his CC8.

Michael Silberman then delivered his Grammarian/Wordmaster report and Nomonde Booi delivered her Genaral Evaluator’s report.

Puleng Lephondo then handed control back to the President.  Michael Silberman presented the trophies.  Linda van Deventer was the Toastmaster of the Evening,  Best speaker was Craig Sacks.  Best evaluator was Michael Coyle.  Best Impromptu speaker was Cuan Watson.

The President, Michael Silberman, then declared the meeting adjourned.

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Advert 1

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Rosina completes her Competent Communicator Manual, Chrstine Dazzles

On the 5th of April, CIS Toastmasters held its 1030th meeting. The President, Michael Silberman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone including the only guest, Cynthia Makhubele. In the spirit of Toastmasters she went on to perform the role of Timekeeper with aplomb. The president welcomed back Linda van Deventer, CIS’s irreplaceable VPE. Alon Davidow was the evening’s Toastmaster, a role he performed in addition to Sergeant at Arms responsibilities.


Evening’s Toastmaster: Alon Davidow

On a somewhat quite evening, three speeches were delivered by Ipelo Gasela (CC2), Christine Kwok (CC8) and Rosina Malebatja (CC10). Ipelo’s speech was titled, ‘Mooi van Ver’. Christine spoke about ‘The Game of Life’ whilst Rosina asked the audience to ‘Decide to decide right’. Christine’s speech was without doubt one of the best speeches ever delivered at CIS in recent memory. For her efforts she walked away with the evening’s Best Prepared Speaker.  Christine’s interpretation of visual aids was stimulating and innovative from a chessboard to swinging pendulums. Her use of the chessboard when she spoke about every move having consequences and using the pendulums to demonstrate that every action has a reaction was beautifully done. Her speech was an inspiration and an example of the quality of speeches that continue to come out of CIS. Rosina closed the prepared speaking session with her inspirational CC10. She gave the audience four tips on how to decide to decide right. In true CC10 style Rosina was flawless in her delivery and showed her readiness to spread her wings and conquer the world through her voice, grace and the confidence that this programme fosters. The end result was that she has now completed her Competent Communicator Manual, in the process she joins a proud group of Toastmasters that have reaped the rewards of staying the course.


Best Prepared Speaker: Christine Kwok

Our guest, Cynthia walked away with the best impromptu speaker. She spoke with the eloquence that typifies a seasoned Toastmaster. The best evaluator award went to Colbert.


The eloquent Best Impromptu Speaker: Cynthia Makhubele


Best Evaluator: Colbert Nengovhela

Other role players were Julian Blonski who with his word of the day, Serendipity, performed the Grammarian role as well as the Uhm counter. Linda was the evening’s Evaluations Chair with Cyril Chessex performing the Table Topics Master role. Colbert was the general evaluator with Kazik Blonski giving the Toast to TMI.

The next meeting will be on the 19th of April 2016. CIS looks forward to seeing you all there.

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Last nights meeting fell in the Easter Holiday Period, and so we many of our members could not attend. However whoever says size counts wasn’t at last nights meeting, as we had a fantastic time.

We were entertained by the CIS Toastmasters power couple Craig and Avigail Sacks who delivered 2 fantastic speeches. Avigail gave a CC2 entitled “Victim” in which she described the horrors of bullying and the damaging effect it can have on young vulnerable people. It was a very sobering speech which had a definite impact on all who listened. Next up was her Husband Craig with a speech entitled “The Handcuff King”. Craig took us on a journey to the late 19th and early 20th Century and the heroic antics of the world renowned Harry Houdini. We were enthralled by Craigs graphic description of Houdini’s tricks, especially the Handcuff trick and how he managed to unshackle himself from a very tricky set of Handcuff’s even though it took him a long time and he damaged his bicep tendon in the process. It was a great lesson to us all “Never to Give Up”. Craig won the prize for Best Prepared speech, Congratulations Craig!

Next up was the Table Topics Session handled Brilliantly by Thato Radebe. Thato picked on 8 speakers with a very interesting mix of titles, speakers were really forced to think on their feet. In the End it was Christine Kwok who was voted Impromptu speaker of the evening. Congratulations Christine.

Congratulations to Billy Radebe for Best Evaluator

Congratulations to Kazik Blonski for Toastmaster of the evening

Other Rolls were fulfilled by Alon Davidow (Grammarian), Chris Harper (Uhm Counter), Angus L’pine Williams (TimeKeeper), Thato Radebe (Invocation), Michael Silberman (Toast to TMI), Rob Douglas (General Evaluator)
We have a great line up of speakers for the next meeting and we are looking forward to seeing you all there back and refreshed from your time away.
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It was an evening of ‘cool jeans’, an evening of great speeches, an unforgettable evening. A whopping 7 speakers delivered their prepared speeches ranging fromCC1 to CC8. The evening was yet again another reminder of why we are Toastmasters, why every second week we walk, run and drive from all corners of Johannesburg and surrounds to come be a part of this historical club that is CIS. Well done to all the speakers.

Nomonde kicked off the evening with her CC1 speech titled, ‘Speak or forever succumb to your nerves’. A fitting opening which saw her walk away with the evening’s speaker of the evening award. Nomonde was followed by Avela, who gave a beautiful musical speech taking us back to where he grew up, the family that has shaped the man he has become and the different memories the different soundtracks of his life represent. A great ice breaker. Ernst Dill also delivered a CC1 simply titled ‘Who am I’.


Best Speaker Nomonde Booi (left)

Warren’s speech, Mr. Cool Jeans, was titled ‘Conversations start relations’. A reminder of the dangers of our over reliance on social media to communicate with our fellow humans. As always, Mpumi gave another beautifully written speech on ‘The Art of Selling’. This was followed by Kane, a visitor from the Greenside Club who talked about the reason ‘why we should give up hope. Swazi’s speech, a CC8 was titled ‘livelihood strategies of women in Orange Farm.

Chris Harper facilitated the Impromptu Speech session and picked on 6 speakers in Goran, Simon, Aadrian, Puleng, Ephraim and Alon. Puleng with her speech on ‘make-up artistry for the dead’ took home the Best Impromptu Speaker award. In terms of the valuations, Chris Harper was fittingly awarded the Best Evaluator Trophy with Billy Radebe accepting the Toastmaster of the evening award from the evening’s Acting Club President Kazik Blonski.


Best Impromptu Speaker: Puleng Lephondo


The evening’s Toastmaster: Billy Radebe


Best Evaluator: Chris Harper

Other role players for the evening were, Ephraim who took on the role of Uhm counter, Avigail who served as the timekeeper, Colbert was the evening’s grammarian with Kazik executing the Evaluation’s Chair role. Goran gave the Toast to TMI.

The next meeting will be on the 22nd of March 2016. Please join us then.

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International Speech and Evaluation Contest – 23 February 2016

CIS Toastmasters held its International Speech and Evaluation Contest on the 23rd of February at the Waverly Sports Club, a day after Ralph Smedley’s birthday. Five contestants entered both the evaluation as well as the speech contest. The Division Director, Lazola Belle was the Chief Judge. Linda van Deventer took on the role of Contest Chair.

The Club received the President’s Distinguished Certificate for the year 2014 to 2015 ending the year as the Top Club in Division L. A well deserved accolade as the club continues to move from strength to strength. Alon Davidow won the Best Evaluator award and will go on to represent the club in the area contest. The evaluators were evaluating Lee Roebeck’s demo speech titled ‘Queen of My Heart’. A beautiful remembrance speech for his grandmother.

Kazik Blonski with his speech ‘Fight of the Century’ walked away with a well deserved ‘Best Prepared Speech Award’ and will be flying the flag for CIS in the next round.

CIS is proud of both Alon and Kazik. The quality of the speeches and the evaluation sessions typified the health of the club. Other prepared speakers and evaluators were Michael Silberman, Colbert Nengovhela, Chris Harper, Billy Radebe for the speech contest. Alon was competing against Rob Douglas, Kazik Blonski, Michael Silberman and Billy Radebe.


Alon Davidow, the winner of the Evaluations Contest with the Contest Chair, Linda van Deventer

Club Champion speaker, Kazik Blonski


Alon, Kazik, Billy, Michael, Colbert, Chris and Rob Douglas

The next meeting will be held on the 8th of March. Hope to see you all there.

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